Eco Paint Review – Earthborn Pro Aqua Eggshell

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Pro aqua eggshell by Earthborne is an interior and exterior water based eggshell paint for wood. Although it can be used for exterior work, I don't, I prefer to use oil based product instead such as Holkham linseed oil paint or Osmo opaque wood stain. I do intent to do some exterior testing but I'll be the guinea pig and test it with my own home.

It can be applied directly to the wood after being thinned, or over existing paint coating after being keyed in with a abrasive paper.

It has almost no smell. Application is very easy it has good flow. The working wet edge seems to last for about 5 - 10 minutes and is touch dry after about 45 minuets. What I have noticed is that when dry it can be touched up with a brush without patchiness.

Opacity isn't that great and the number of required coat will vary greatly. For bare wood, I find 3 coats usually does it which could translate to primer, undercoat and top coat. Once it took me 5 coats to cover wood that had been impregnated with a green preservative. Regardless of whether the wood is previously coated or not, expect between 2 – 5 coats.

It's surprisingly tough. If for various reasons, I have had to fill holes after I have applied it (grrrr carpenters) I'm always surprised at how the abrasive paper doesn't rub it off, even after only one or two coats.

The finished look is absolutely beautiful, soft but tough looking and it levels out very well. This is one of my favourite paints and I always look forward to using it.

It's not cheap at £70 for 2.5L but I certainly think it's work the cost. Highly recommended!